Is Kojic Acid a Good Skin Lightener: Top 10 Facts

is-kojic-acid-a-good-skin-lightenerIs Kojic Acid a Good Skin Lightener: Top 10 Facts

1. Most people are turning over to the side of organic in choosing the beauty products of their dreams. Some people say that kojic acid is a synthetic product, made from laboratories infused with synthetic enhancing chemicals. In truth, that is, kojic acid is a compound derived from fungi-like mushrooms. So technically, kojic is an organic product made from nature.


2. There are two types of kojic acid. One is raw kojic, which is a raw product and can be purchased anywhere. The other kind of kojic acid is pre-mixed – which is mostly used by people because it is ready-to-use. To add, pre-mixed kojic acid is infused with beneficial ingredients to make kojic acid more effective.

3. How does kojic acid work? It heightens cellular turnover after helping exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is painstakingly important to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, sebum, makeup, and many more including bad opportunistic bacteria that may invade the skin in case of breakage.

4. Moreover, kojic aicd stops the production of melanin. Not necessarily stop, but inhibits enzymes that stimulate the production of melanin. Unlike hydroquinone that kills melanin-producing cells, kojic acid works by inhibiting the production of melanin – which is a safer process than that of hydroquinone.

is-kojic-acid-a-good-skin-lightener-peel5. Kojic acid is able to remove pigmentation, melasma, age spots, acne scars, sun spots, and many more. With prolong use, the skin will continue to become lighter until desired.

6. When it comes to shelf life or the ability for a certain product to resist oxidation and spoilage, kojic acid lasts more than ordinary whitening products do. Most products not only have a short shelf life but are not stable at all. Kojic acid ranks a notch higher by having longer shelf life as well as being stable to resist oxidation.

7. Kojic acid is dermatologist-approved. It has been recommended by top notch dermatologists as well as by users as well.

8. Kojic acid is safe. Unlike hydroquinone, which can be bad or even dangerous to skin, kojic acid is safe to use and does not pose any carcinogenic effect to the skin.

is-kojic-acid-a-good-skin-lightener-whitening9. Kojic acid is certified to be hypoallergenic. The said soap is not known to cause dermatitis, allergic rashes, dry skin, or any symptoms for hypersensitivity.

10. Expect rigorous skin whitening in as little as a few weeks. Expect a few peeling. Peeling is normal. Refrain from using peeling agents together with kojic acid. Use a moisturizer thereafter to replenish the skin with moisture.

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