Is Kojic Acid Soap Effective for Pimples? Top 7 Facts

Is kojic acid soap effective for pimples? Kojic acid is one of nature’s simplest elements when it comes to aesthetics and health benefits. When it comes to pimples, here are the top facts.

is-kojic-acid-soap-effective-pimplesA known whitening product, kojic also has its perks when it comes to combatting pimples and blemishes. What’s the secret? Kojic is a known acid. As an acid, it lowers down the skin’s pH thus making it hard for alkaline-loving bacteria to thrive and cause blemishes and flaws. What are the perks in using kojic acid soap in treating acne? Is kojic acid soap effective for pimples? Here are seven important facts that you need to know.


1. As mentioned, kojic acid increases the skin’s acidity by lowering down its pH. With an acidic environment, bacteria and alkaline-loving organisms would not be able to penetrate deep into pores and cause pimples.


2. Just to think of it, most skin-benefiting products are acids – kojic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and many more. Acids allow the skin to be in its acidic mode – with strong pH to combat invading organisms. The skin should be in acidic form – with a low pH to be exact. The body’s intimate areas, like the vaginal cavity, should be in a low pH form – like pH 5. Otherwise, its allows fungal infection to thrive.


3. Apart from the acid-defense ability, acids – preferably kojic acid – helps in exfoliation. The skin, time to time, needs exfoliation to remove unwanted dead skin cells, damages skin cells, dirt, makeup, and rid the pores of clogged up material that usually causes pimples.


4. What happens during exfoliation? Exfoliation can be done through application of strong yet acceptable acids to soften clogged materials and dead cells – so that it may be easily removed. Kojic acid helps soften unwanted materials. The strong pH dismembers the dead cells from the healthy ones – sloughing off to reveal new fairer and flawless skin.


is-kojic-acid-soap-really-effective-pimples5. After exfoliation, kojic acid encourages cellular turnover. After skin has sloughed off, new skin is revealed underneath. During this crucial time, it is important to stay away from pollution, radiation, direct sunlight, and application of harsh materials that may damage newly grown skin.

6. Kojic acid is effective when use for long periods of time. Unlike hydroquinone, a person can be liberal when it comes to frequency of kojic usage. However, things still needs to be done in moderation.

is-kojic-acid-soap-effective-acne7. Kojic is a promising product. It is effective in lightening the skin as well as erasing pimples and protecting the skin against future ones. Now, is kojic acid soap effective for pimples? Yes, it definitely is.

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