Is Kojic Acid Soap Safe for Pregnant Women? 10 Interesting Facts


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Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Imagine melasma, lineanigra, stratum gravidarum – these are just some terms that pertain to skin changes during pregnancy. Melasma is the mask of pregnancy. Linea nigra is the thick dark line from xiphoid through umbilicus to pubic. Stratum gravidarum are thick stretch marks distributed in the abdomen. To add, pregnancy is the time when pits get darker, necks get dimmer, and zits go crazy. Of course, it is impossible not to do anything about. Luckily it is the 21st century wherein products are created to cater problems such as these. Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Here are ten interesting facts pertaining to kojic acid soap and pregnancy.


1. Kojic soap is safe according to health experts and dermatologists. The lactic acid and glycolic acid in kojic soap shouldn’t be a problem. Dermatologists and health experts approve its use.


2. Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Kojic soap is very safe during pregnancy. Doctors prohibit a lot of things during pregnancy but topical whitening soaps especially kojic acid soap is not a big deal.


3. Kojic acid soap fights skin darkening. Yes, dark pits as well as a lot of changes happen during pregnancy. This is because of rapid changes in the estrogen and progesterone balance in a pregnant woman’s body. Estrogen, particularly, is responsible for such epidermal changes.


4. Kojic acid soap can remove the pigmentations of pregnancy. With consistent use, such problems of pregnancy can be eradicated – before it gets too late and harder to remove. During pregnancy, there’s rapid hormonal changes that causes oil in skin to go haywire. Puberty is the closest thing where hormonal changes can be likened to pregnancy and acne as well as other changes happens.


5. Kojic can be used every day. Experts recommend using kojic soap at least once a day. Don’t use too often because it might render skin hypersensitive.

6. Kojic is safe for all skin types. Kojic is very safe as long as you adhere to recommended use. The action of kojic is to inhibit melanin, the chemical responsible for a brown skin color. Without melanin, skin can go a shade lighter.

7. Kojic works to lighten skin. Kojic acid, together with other potent ingredients, works to improve skin condition and lighten it as well.

8. Kojic soap is super effective in lightening skin. The product says it.

9. It is safe for everyday use. Kojic can lighten skin in about a few months – from two months to three months.

10. Kojic soap makes you glow inside and out. Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Yes it definitely is.

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