How Often Should You Use Kojic Acid Soap? 10 Interesting Facts and Tips


The Most Recommended Kojic Acid Soap

How often should you use kojic acid soap? Now you know that kojic soap is one of the most effective whitening brands there is. However, that is not the end of the line yet. Before using the product, you have to know the precautions, indications, possible side effects and considerations – just like when you’re buying medications. You have to be cautious. Not just because you’ve read positive reviews, then you’d use it then and there. How often should you use kojic acid soap? Read on and know ten interesting facts about kojic acid soap.


Here are some basic facts – and truths – you need to know about kojic soap. Most people don’t have any complaints regarding the usage and frequency of usage of kojic soap. Most people, that is.

1. Kojic acid soap can be used every day.

2. Kojic acid soap is safe for everyday use.

3. Kojic acid soap is safe for all types of skin.

4. Kojic soap lightens skin and pigmentations in about two weeks at least.

5. Kojic soap is very effective in curing acne.


How often should you use kojic acid soap? The product also received complaints – and issues. Here are just some extreme kojic soap cases with corresponding tips to the rescue.


6. Too frequent use of kojic soap can cause hypersensitivity. Kojic soap is a potent exfoliant. Exfoliation scrapes away dead skin cells and too much exfoliation can sometimes cause irritation. One good way to prevent this is by purchasing an over the counter topical corticosteroid. Irritation seldom happens and when it does the reason might be you just have an extremely sensitive skin or you might be using the product more than the recommended number. Use sparingly. By that, it means use at least once a day.


7. Too frequent usage might cause allergic contact dermatitis. This happens when you use the product more than the recommended number. Use kojic soap at least once a day – not every hour. However, dermatitis can be easily solved by applying topical corticosteroid. Moreover, if you have history of skin allergy or dermatitis try to gradually introduce kojic soap to your skin. You may begin by using it once a week then progress to twice a week then thrice until you may be able to use it daily.


8. Kojic soap can cause dry skin. This is a normal side effect of exfoliation. You can solve this by applying a reliable moisturizer after a shower.


9. Kojic soap can cause sun damage. Since kojic inhibits the production of melanin, expect easily sunburned skin. However, you can prevent this by applying copious amount of SPF 30 sunblock.

10. Kojic might increase the risk of skin cancer. The road to a whiter skin is not easy. But there are precautions that need to be followed. When using kojic soap, also keep these handy: SPF 30 sunblock, moisturizer and OTC topical corticosteroid. How often should you use kojic acid soap? Use accordingly.

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