How Long Does It Take for Kojic Acid Soap to Work? 10 Interesting Facts


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How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? You’ve just purchased your first kojic soap and you’re dying to see the results. However, how long does it reallytake to work? According to users, the results may vary depending on skin type. Moreover, there are also factors that affect the rate of effectiveness. How often do you go to the beach? How often do you use kojic soap? How much melanin does your body produce every day? How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? Furthermore, here are ten interesting facts you would want to know about kojic acid soap.


1. How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? Kojic soap can lighten skin in 2-3 months. According to OptiDerm, it takes about three months for kojic to fully give you visible results. However, results still depend on the color of skin you begin with. Darker skin will have to wait longer compared to lighter ones. Nevertheless, patience is a virtue.


2. Kojic acid soap is super effective in lightening skin. Although two months is the target time frame, kojic begins to work its perks in as little as a week. You would feel a tingling sensation due to the exfoliation process.


3. Kojic acid is the active ingredient that causes major changes in a small span of time. Kojic acid is the main ingredient together with vitamin A, C, E, AHA, glycerine and grape seed extract.


4. Kojic soap can be used every day for optimum results. Recommended use is at least once a day. Too frequent use would result to hypersensitivity reaction.


5. Kojic soap is safe for all skin types. With the recommended use, yes, kojic is safe for all skin types. Remember to lather and massage the product gently to skin, not rub it in harshly.

6. Kojic fights skin darkening. Kojic works by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is more concentrated in pigmented areas in the face and body. So expect overall lightening in a few months.

7. Kojic is dermatologically approved. Aestheticians use it, dermatologists approve it, and users recommend it.

8. Use accordingly. Do not over use, do not rub harshly to skin, and do not overexpose skin to sunlight. Use the product at least once a day for optimum results.

9. Stay out of the sun. Don’t forget to apply copious amount of SPF 30 sunblock. The lack of melanin renders the skin sensitive to UV rays.

10. Kojic works to give you a healthy, glowing skin. How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? The target time frame is 2-3 months.

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