Can Kojic Acid and Retin A Be Used Together?

Can Kojic Acid and Retin A Be Used Together?

The bottom line for this question is a question itself: can you handle it? It all boils down to your skin. How sensitive is your skin? Can your skin handle extreme exfoliation? Although some people practice kojic acid and retin A treatment and tolerated it, there are also some who had suffered from hypersensitivity reactions.


Kojic acid works by exfoliation. Kojic acid increases cellular turnover while irritating skin to slough off dead skin cells, dirt, dull skin, and even scars. If you’re solely using kojic acid, you will notice that there is a distinct peeling in more or less than 4 to 12 weeks of prolonged use. However, some people want to increase cellular turnover by using another chemical reagent such as retin A. The duo can increase cellular turnover and cause skin whitening in as little as 4 weeks.

However, there are some experts who recommend this combo and there are some who discourage it. Nevertheless, it still depends on the nature of your skin. The lighter your skin is, the more susceptible it may be to hypersensitivity reactions.

Whatever method you’re using, if it is kojic acid alone or retin A alone, or both, you still need to follow precautionary measures to reduce the chance of hypersensitivity and irritation. First and foremost, cellular turnover would reduce skin protection against harmful UV rays. This would mean you’d easily get toasted in the sun. It is best to put on sunscreen with an SPF of about 30 – better if it is more than 30. Even though you have sunscreen on your skin, it doesn’t mean you can simmer in the sun all day long. Stay indoors. Avoid using more than 2 skin whitening agents. Report any signs of irritation, itching, and inflammation. Take note: retin A may cause slight inflammation. It is normal. However, an exacerbated reaction may mean otherwise.

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Is Kojic Acid Stronger Than Hydroquinone: The Truth

Is Kojic Acid Stronger Than Hydroquinone: The Truth

is-kojic-acid-stronger-than-hydroquinonePreferably, some truths will tell us that hydroquinone has far more superiority than any other whitening products there is in the market nowadays. Of course, hydroquinone has the unique ability to kill melanin-producing cells – which will immediately aid the skin in bagging a lighter shade or two. However, with the whitening possibilities made possible by hydroquinone, comes along staggering effects related to ochronosis and decrease protection against UV rays – a consequential prelude to skin cancer.


Thus, dermatologists and skin experts discouraged the use of hydroquinone among the general public. Hydroquinone must never be used by people with sensitive skin, or by people with extremely white skin – people with fair skin are at high risk for ochronosis, a condition characterized by skin darkening and pigmentation.

A study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology tells that kojic acid is less effective than 2% hydroquinone in the treatment of pigmentation. Pigmentation would mean sunspots, uneven skin tone, discoloration related to acne, and many more.

Moreover, according to Dermatologic Surgery in 2001, it is stated that kojic acid has been seen to have a link to contact allergy and with a high sensitizing potential.

To add, Medscape explored the effects of kojic acid combined with hydroquinone and it has been noted that the same whitening effects can be achieved when kojic acid is combined with glycolic acid. Experts also noted that kojic acid combined with hydroquinone stabilizes the effects of hydroquinone alone. Kojic acid has greater stability compared to hydroquinone and to other products as well, as stated in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology in 2011. To add, it has also been noted that kojic acid is preferred than hydroquinone. It is for the fact that hydroquinone is often linked to many adverse effects in the skin such as ochronosis. In a study of 1000 hydroquinone users, ochronosis is rare but common among those who have fair skin.

The bottom line regarding this discussion is that one must consult a physician first prior hydroquinone use or kojic-hydroquinone combination.

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Is Kojic Acid a Good Skin Lightener: Top 10 Facts

is-kojic-acid-a-good-skin-lightenerIs Kojic Acid a Good Skin Lightener: Top 10 Facts

1. Most people are turning over to the side of organic in choosing the beauty products of their dreams. Some people say that kojic acid is a synthetic product, made from laboratories infused with synthetic enhancing chemicals. In truth, that is, kojic acid is a compound derived from fungi-like mushrooms. So technically, kojic is an organic product made from nature.


2. There are two types of kojic acid. One is raw kojic, which is a raw product and can be purchased anywhere. The other kind of kojic acid is pre-mixed – which is mostly used by people because it is ready-to-use. To add, pre-mixed kojic acid is infused with beneficial ingredients to make kojic acid more effective.

3. How does kojic acid work? It heightens cellular turnover after helping exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is painstakingly important to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, sebum, makeup, and many more including bad opportunistic bacteria that may invade the skin in case of breakage.

4. Moreover, kojic aicd stops the production of melanin. Not necessarily stop, but inhibits enzymes that stimulate the production of melanin. Unlike hydroquinone that kills melanin-producing cells, kojic acid works by inhibiting the production of melanin – which is a safer process than that of hydroquinone.

is-kojic-acid-a-good-skin-lightener-peel5. Kojic acid is able to remove pigmentation, melasma, age spots, acne scars, sun spots, and many more. With prolong use, the skin will continue to become lighter until desired.

6. When it comes to shelf life or the ability for a certain product to resist oxidation and spoilage, kojic acid lasts more than ordinary whitening products do. Most products not only have a short shelf life but are not stable at all. Kojic acid ranks a notch higher by having longer shelf life as well as being stable to resist oxidation.

7. Kojic acid is dermatologist-approved. It has been recommended by top notch dermatologists as well as by users as well.

8. Kojic acid is safe. Unlike hydroquinone, which can be bad or even dangerous to skin, kojic acid is safe to use and does not pose any carcinogenic effect to the skin.

is-kojic-acid-a-good-skin-lightener-whitening9. Kojic acid is certified to be hypoallergenic. The said soap is not known to cause dermatitis, allergic rashes, dry skin, or any symptoms for hypersensitivity.

10. Expect rigorous skin whitening in as little as a few weeks. Expect a few peeling. Peeling is normal. Refrain from using peeling agents together with kojic acid. Use a moisturizer thereafter to replenish the skin with moisture.

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Kojic Acid Review on Black Skin

kojic-acid-review-on-black-skinKojic Acid Review on Black Skin. celebrities-use-bleach-skinThere have been numerous of beauty miracles brought by the wonders of kojic acid. To date, kojic acid has been one of the most effective whitening agents there is. Other whitening agents would include papaya soap, antioxidants, gluthathione soap and many more. However, with the tight competition in skin whitening, does kojic acid stand a chance? Can kojic acid outstand the other competitors in skin lightening?

First and foremost, kojic acid is a peeling agent. This type of acid – used mostly as soap – has the ability to soften dead tissue and help it slough off. Exfoliation is painstakingly the most effective way to skin whitening. Exfoliation helps by removing the outermost layer of the skin. The outermost layer of the skin hold dead skin cells, trapping dirt, sebum, makeup, bacteria which can result in blackheads, whiteheads, and even zits.

After exfoliation, kojic acid works by going deeper into the pores and enhancing cellular turnover. This heightens the cells’ ability to form new skin cells. New cells, on the other hand, are whiter and much better than the previous skin color. Moreover, new skin cells are flawless, blemish-free, and with a youthful glow.

kojic-acid-review-on-black-skin-soapKojic acid soap gives the desired effect in only a few weeks of prolonged use. Your skin might peel during the duration and it is very important to protect your new skin against direct heat, pollution, and harmful chemicals. Astringent, lemon juice, and other acids are not advised to be used simultaneously with kojic acid. Moreover, you need to refrain from going out under the sun too much. When you do, wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 and above. Don’t wash your face very often as it may irritate your new skin. Remember, your new skin is sensitive compared to your original skin. Avoid other irritants that may cause adverse effects in your skin.

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Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap Review

RELATED SEARCHES Kojic Soap Before and After Kojie San Dream White Review Kojic Acid Soap Reviews Kojie San Kojic Soap Kojie San Products Kojie San Soap Effective Whitening Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Reviews Kojic Acid Before and AfterKojie San Skin Lightening Soap Review. Kojie San helps remove dead skin cells as well as dirt, old dull skin, sebum, excess oil, and many more.


There’s no other more impressive whitening soap than Kojie San – it is fortified with kojic acid plus other favourable chemicals to whiten skin in as little as a weeks of prolonged use. What’s in it for Kojie San? The soap basically uses an acid – known as kojic acid – to help increase exfoliation of the skin. Kojie San helps remove dead skin cells as well as dirt, old dull skin, sebum, excess oil, and many more. To add, kojic acid digs deeper to help skin have faster cellular turnover. The new skin formed would be whiter, flawless, and much better than the olds skin.
It may take longer time to achieve optimum whitening. It may take days, weeks, or months until you can achieve your whitest white. Peeling might last longer than you expect. However, these are all normal signs of kojic acid use. It is best to take all necessary precaution to protect new formed skin from irritants.

For successful whitening, it is best that you shouldn’t expose your new skin to direct sunlight. It is also advisable that you refrain from harsh chemicals, astringents, or exfoliant agents as it may be damaging to kojic acid-treated skin. Never use hydrogen peroxide as a facial cleanser when using kojic acid soap. Moreover, do not use agents that are oxidative in nature. Some doctors advise corticosteroid use after kojic acid treatment, however, discretion is advised. It is still best to consult your dermatologist prior corticosteroid use. Some doctors prescribe it to minimize dermatitis brought by rapid exfoliation.

When it comes to supplementary methods to protect your skin, it is best to invest in a reliable moisturizer. Exfoliation can sometime cause skin dehydration which can leave skin cracked and with open sores. Minimize this problem by lathering on an effective moisturizer every now and then. The road to skin whitening is indeed possible for kojie san soap.

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Is Kojic Acid Soap Dangerous? Top 10 Facts

Is Kojic Acid Soap Dangerous? Kojic acid is one of the most popular skin whitening agents ever. However, for every celebrity, there will always be controversies. Here are the top ten facts about kojic acid.

is-kojic-acid-soap-dangerousKojic acid is likely a known god when it comes to whitening products. However, there’s a rule that says: no product is effective unless it has side effects. Kojic is solidly grounded in prominent roots. When it comes to kojic acid side effects, here’s an answer to the question: is kojic acid soap dangerous?

1. First and foremost, what’s the standard to judge is a particular product is dangerous or not? Kojic acid is a peeling agent, it assists in exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and organisms that might be thriving on skin.


2. Kojic acid works by thawing the tight products deposited in pores. It helps in exfoliation and removal of the outermost layer of the skin.

3. As the outermost layer is stripped off, new skin is exposed. Kojic acid enhances cellular turnover to compensate for the lost tissue during exfoliation. Nevertheless, your skin has clean, soft, smooth, flawless, and vibrant skin.

4. However, there’s no product that works without a potential side effect. Kojic acid is, after all, an acid and may alter some of the skin’s normal flora. According to Material Safety study by Oxford, it was found out that kojic acid – as purely unprocessed kojic – is a dangerous substance by itself.

is-kojic-acid-soap-dangerous-chlorine5. It is also important to know that kojic acid is more destructive to the skin when combined with chlorine, peroxide, and oxygen and other oxidative agents.

6. After exfoliation, the new skin underneath is more sensitive. The new, fresh skin is more sensitive to sunlight, pollution, radiation, and to other harsh products. A person needs to apply corticosteroid to skin after exfoliation to strengthen the skin against hypersensitivity.

7. The skin is at risk for allergic contact dermatitis since fresh new skin is almost always sensitive to anything. Allergic contact dermatitis is an condition characterized with allergic reactions on the skin upon exposure or contact to allergen.

8. The skin is at high risk for dryness. You might need to apply a generous amount of moisturizer or hydrating products while using kojic acid.

is-kojic-acid-soap-dangerous-moisturizer9. Kojic acid works by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase – an essential enzyme in the production of melanin. Thus, without tyrosinase, the skin is more likely to get sunburned. So it is important to apply sunscreen or sunblock from time to time. The SPF should be above 15 or 20.

10. Kojic acid is an important product to whitening. However, it is accompanied by serious side effects. Now, is kojic acid soap dangerous? Not really if you apply the necessary product to counter the side effects.

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Is Kojic Acid Soap Effective for Pimples? Top 7 Facts

Is kojic acid soap effective for pimples? Kojic acid is one of nature’s simplest elements when it comes to aesthetics and health benefits. When it comes to pimples, here are the top facts.

is-kojic-acid-soap-effective-pimplesA known whitening product, kojic also has its perks when it comes to combatting pimples and blemishes. What’s the secret? Kojic is a known acid. As an acid, it lowers down the skin’s pH thus making it hard for alkaline-loving bacteria to thrive and cause blemishes and flaws. What are the perks in using kojic acid soap in treating acne? Is kojic acid soap effective for pimples? Here are seven important facts that you need to know.


1. As mentioned, kojic acid increases the skin’s acidity by lowering down its pH. With an acidic environment, bacteria and alkaline-loving organisms would not be able to penetrate deep into pores and cause pimples.


2. Just to think of it, most skin-benefiting products are acids – kojic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and many more. Acids allow the skin to be in its acidic mode – with strong pH to combat invading organisms. The skin should be in acidic form – with a low pH to be exact. The body’s intimate areas, like the vaginal cavity, should be in a low pH form – like pH 5. Otherwise, its allows fungal infection to thrive.


3. Apart from the acid-defense ability, acids – preferably kojic acid – helps in exfoliation. The skin, time to time, needs exfoliation to remove unwanted dead skin cells, damages skin cells, dirt, makeup, and rid the pores of clogged up material that usually causes pimples.


4. What happens during exfoliation? Exfoliation can be done through application of strong yet acceptable acids to soften clogged materials and dead cells – so that it may be easily removed. Kojic acid helps soften unwanted materials. The strong pH dismembers the dead cells from the healthy ones – sloughing off to reveal new fairer and flawless skin.


is-kojic-acid-soap-really-effective-pimples5. After exfoliation, kojic acid encourages cellular turnover. After skin has sloughed off, new skin is revealed underneath. During this crucial time, it is important to stay away from pollution, radiation, direct sunlight, and application of harsh materials that may damage newly grown skin.

6. Kojic acid is effective when use for long periods of time. Unlike hydroquinone, a person can be liberal when it comes to frequency of kojic usage. However, things still needs to be done in moderation.

is-kojic-acid-soap-effective-acne7. Kojic is a promising product. It is effective in lightening the skin as well as erasing pimples and protecting the skin against future ones. Now, is kojic acid soap effective for pimples? Yes, it definitely is.

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How Does Kojic Acid Work? Top 7 Facts

how-does-kojic-acid-workHow does Kojic acid work? Kojic acid has benefits for our skin. In fact, this is one of the most sought after acids in beauty products. In addition to this, Kojic acid is believed to be effective when it comes to solving various skin problems.


To begin with, Kojic acid can be purchased raw but it is recommended that it is purchased as an ingredient found in beauty products. Experts say that Kojic acid works in many ways but, how does Kojic acid work? To make it simple, Kojic acid is responsible for stopping the production of Melanin which produces pigments to develop in our skin. These pigments are responsible for having dark skin and spots in our skin. In relation to this, Kojic acid helps in lightening our skin especially for those who have uneven skin tone. Additionally, Kojic acid works better on healthy skins. Below are some ways how Kojic acid can lighten skin and other benefits of Kojic acid to our skin:

1.  Kojic acid is said to be effective more than any lightening products. This is because Kojic acid is natural and healthier compared to other skin care products.

2.  Kojic acid works as a stopper of Melanin. Without Kojic acid, Melanin is continuously produced which causes our skin to darken.


The No 1 Kojic Acid Soap in The World. Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3.  Kojic acid works better when the skin is healthy. This is because there will be no obstacles for Kojic acid to perform its responsibilities well.

4.  Kojic acid lightens our skin by countering the functions of pigments. In fact, Kojic acid is the best eliminator of pigments in our skin.

5.  Kojic acid is also found in food. Foods that contain Kojic acid works as supplements that eliminate bad cells in our skin.

6.  Kojic acid is better when purchased raw. This is because the natural chemicals are still there and fresh.

7.  Kojic acid also works as a skin tone equalizer. When there are no pigments, our skin tone gets equalized.

Now that we know how Kojic acid does work, go and find the best products that contain Kojic acid. Just be careful in choosing. Kojic acid is effective when we get the real ones and not the fake ones.

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Is Kojic Acid Soap Safe for Pregnant Women? 10 Interesting Facts


The Best Kojic Acid Soap

Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Imagine melasma, lineanigra, stratum gravidarum – these are just some terms that pertain to skin changes during pregnancy. Melasma is the mask of pregnancy. Linea nigra is the thick dark line from xiphoid through umbilicus to pubic. Stratum gravidarum are thick stretch marks distributed in the abdomen. To add, pregnancy is the time when pits get darker, necks get dimmer, and zits go crazy. Of course, it is impossible not to do anything about. Luckily it is the 21st century wherein products are created to cater problems such as these. Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Here are ten interesting facts pertaining to kojic acid soap and pregnancy.


1. Kojic soap is safe according to health experts and dermatologists. The lactic acid and glycolic acid in kojic soap shouldn’t be a problem. Dermatologists and health experts approve its use.


2. Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Kojic soap is very safe during pregnancy. Doctors prohibit a lot of things during pregnancy but topical whitening soaps especially kojic acid soap is not a big deal.


3. Kojic acid soap fights skin darkening. Yes, dark pits as well as a lot of changes happen during pregnancy. This is because of rapid changes in the estrogen and progesterone balance in a pregnant woman’s body. Estrogen, particularly, is responsible for such epidermal changes.


4. Kojic acid soap can remove the pigmentations of pregnancy. With consistent use, such problems of pregnancy can be eradicated – before it gets too late and harder to remove. During pregnancy, there’s rapid hormonal changes that causes oil in skin to go haywire. Puberty is the closest thing where hormonal changes can be likened to pregnancy and acne as well as other changes happens.


5. Kojic can be used every day. Experts recommend using kojic soap at least once a day. Don’t use too often because it might render skin hypersensitive.

6. Kojic is safe for all skin types. Kojic is very safe as long as you adhere to recommended use. The action of kojic is to inhibit melanin, the chemical responsible for a brown skin color. Without melanin, skin can go a shade lighter.

7. Kojic works to lighten skin. Kojic acid, together with other potent ingredients, works to improve skin condition and lighten it as well.

8. Kojic soap is super effective in lightening skin. The product says it.

9. It is safe for everyday use. Kojic can lighten skin in about a few months – from two months to three months.

10. Kojic soap makes you glow inside and out. Is kojic acid soap safe for pregnant women? Yes it definitely is.

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How Long Does It Take for Kojic Acid Soap to Work? 10 Interesting Facts


The Best Kojic Acid Soap

How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? You’ve just purchased your first kojic soap and you’re dying to see the results. However, how long does it reallytake to work? According to users, the results may vary depending on skin type. Moreover, there are also factors that affect the rate of effectiveness. How often do you go to the beach? How often do you use kojic soap? How much melanin does your body produce every day? How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? Furthermore, here are ten interesting facts you would want to know about kojic acid soap.


1. How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? Kojic soap can lighten skin in 2-3 months. According to OptiDerm, it takes about three months for kojic to fully give you visible results. However, results still depend on the color of skin you begin with. Darker skin will have to wait longer compared to lighter ones. Nevertheless, patience is a virtue.


2. Kojic acid soap is super effective in lightening skin. Although two months is the target time frame, kojic begins to work its perks in as little as a week. You would feel a tingling sensation due to the exfoliation process.


3. Kojic acid is the active ingredient that causes major changes in a small span of time. Kojic acid is the main ingredient together with vitamin A, C, E, AHA, glycerine and grape seed extract.


4. Kojic soap can be used every day for optimum results. Recommended use is at least once a day. Too frequent use would result to hypersensitivity reaction.


5. Kojic soap is safe for all skin types. With the recommended use, yes, kojic is safe for all skin types. Remember to lather and massage the product gently to skin, not rub it in harshly.

6. Kojic fights skin darkening. Kojic works by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is more concentrated in pigmented areas in the face and body. So expect overall lightening in a few months.

7. Kojic is dermatologically approved. Aestheticians use it, dermatologists approve it, and users recommend it.

8. Use accordingly. Do not over use, do not rub harshly to skin, and do not overexpose skin to sunlight. Use the product at least once a day for optimum results.

9. Stay out of the sun. Don’t forget to apply copious amount of SPF 30 sunblock. The lack of melanin renders the skin sensitive to UV rays.

10. Kojic works to give you a healthy, glowing skin. How long does it take for kojic acid soap to work? The target time frame is 2-3 months.

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